Why'd I come here again? That guy
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*12 year old boy voice* should we do it dude?
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that’s not a typo

that is not a typo
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This one has defeated me. I tried colouring it but it just won’t happen.
You win this round, GotG.

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The improv team I was on in high school only had one rank: “co-captain.” If you joined the improv team, you were automatically a co-captain. It wasn’t to make everyone equal within the club dynamic or anything like that, we just all knew that we would have to list extracurriculars on our college applications, and you could make yourself look more impressive by putting “co-captain” without specifying how many other captains the team had or how a member becomes a captain. 

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Boys who are into consensual sex and agree with feminism are so cute and I wanna kiss them all.

the bar has never been lower

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#hit boys with the bar #aim low
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I literally overcame self esteem issues by making ironically over-arrogant claims because even if you’re joking about something a lot you start to believe it and that can totally work in a good way if you let it

They’ve done studies and the “fake it till you make it” mindset actually works and if you keep up a mantra you come to believe it after a time. It actually is how I came to really love myself.

good this means my strategy was a winner all along

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i love when dogs sigh. its like, hey bud, long day at the office?

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why do people keep trying to use american values and social norms on japanese cartoons and books

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A friend of mine just messaged me saying “I fucked up. I was doing math with my son, and I told him to ‘hold up eleven fingers’ and he started to panic and I didn’t realize why until he screamed ‘MOM…MOM I ONLY HAVE TEN”

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[breathes heavily] our ocs [breathing intensifies] should be friends [coughs violenty] also maybe bang

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KIDS REACT TO existentialism and the inevitability of death

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okay if a person asks you not to hug them pLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T HUG THEM why does tumblr think it’s nice it’s not nice it’s wrong on so many levels

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